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Why do systems detect I am in different states?

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For the last few months when sites try to detect where my location is, they return with either WA or SA as my state.

This frustrating.  I am in Melbourne, so why is my location being detected as SA (currently) or WA (a few weeks ago).

 I was building up a Linux pc the other day and it automatically set my location to SA. 

 Anyone know why this is happening?

I have a Mailchimp account and just logged into it and got an email saying that someone from SA with my IP address logged into the account???? But this was me and I am not in SA.



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It's because the IP adresses that used to belong to the various ISPs got tossed into the bucked and get doled out randomly by the NBN systems, I have been in Queensland a few times, and parts of norther NSW as well, all whicle safely ensconced in Melbourne.  :-)


Geolocation by IP address has always been unreliable, it's just worse now.

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I have the same problem but it is only a bit frustrating, is not actually causing any problems as I can redirect google to where I need it. The most frustrating part is using streaming tv services like i7 or 9now as those services rely on geolocation address for advertisements - so I get to see all Adelaide adverts!