Wi Fi

Level 2

Have installed NBN and TPG Modem as instructed - no problems with computer near modem - but computer and smart tv in lounge room not great - computer works but Netflix on smart tv will not work in the night.

Signal passing through at least 8 sheets of gibrock - believe this is the problem as it is what is used in noise reduction work area - placing 6 sheets in steel door frame reduces noise to acceptable level within work place.

OK what is the ideal wifi booster to look at that is easy to connect modem using Wan connecttion ?

I am using windows 10 on both computers.



Hi Barry


I would suggest using a product called WIFI Mesh. There are multiple vendors selling these items from 1 Pod to 3 Pod systems. Rather than broadcasting Wi-Fi signals from a single point, Wifi mesh systems have multiple access points. One point links to the modem and acts as the router, while one or more other access points, often called satellites, capture the router's signal and rebroadcast it. All pods are running the same SSID so unlike Range Extenders you do not need to manually swap between SSID's when you are in that location.
The benifit of a Wifi Mesh sytem compared to even a high end router is that you will have a much greater wifi coverage area.


Hope that helps you,