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Wifi cannot connect internet

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Level 3
My wifi keep showing that it's connected but there is no internet connection.
- All lights on wifi router seem working well (include internet light)
- I try reset several times and re-install as well. After re-install it has worked for 30 mins to 1 hour then problem happens again
- That problem happened on almost devices, except 1 computer still can connect to internet.

Could you help me to figure it out? Thanks!
Luan Thanh Nguyen
Level 3

Update on that issue:

- I have check ID of devices that cannot connect to internet, all are while it should be I try to change it manually but the manual ID does not work

Luan Thanh Nguyen
Level 8

Hi @Ntl9630 Welcome to the community!

Can you try to change the settings on the devices that can't connect to the network to "obtain IP address automatically" or "enable DHCP" on those devices, also ensure that mobile hotspot or tethering is off on those devices.

What type of devices are you having trouble with? If you can provide more detail it would be helpful, example: iPhone or Android phone or Windows PC on Windows 7/8.1/10 etc.

Level 3
Hi @orbistat,
Actually that is default setting in those devices, which are Android phone, Iphone 6, Ipad air and window10 computer as well.

It is noteworthy that those devices all connected normally before. At the moment, when I reset and re-install router, some of them can connect wifi (in ~30 mins) and some cannot. And if I keep re-install router, some other may connect but the one can connect before may not connect (that's so annoying).
Luan Thanh Nguyen
Level 8

Hi @Ntl9630 You need to find the device that's distributing the 192.168.0.XXX addresses, it seems you have 2 DHCP servers on the network, is your previous router totally disconnected and powered off?

Level 3
@orbistat: that seems exact problem. I have another router to boost the signal in 2nd floor, and it provide 192.168.0... address.
I have fixed that and hope it works well from now.
Tks a lot for your help
Luan Thanh Nguyen