Wifi dropouts

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I have been using the TPG FTTB and the same modem for more than 5 yrs. No problem at all. And only sometimes internet will drop.
But recently (1or 2weeks time), my wifi keeps drop out a lots of time (randomly few sec to few mins). And sometime the signal become very weak (according to the sybmol on smart phone).
Land line ethernet are fine whenever wifi drop out.
When I stay on the same spot. And close to the modem. I can see the wifi icon on my phone will suddenly become weaker and weaker and then drop out. And sometime it recover fast but recently I need to manual to click my wifi to reconnect.
It didn't happen before for last 5+ year.
Wifi coverage should not be the issue as I always use my phone within 2 to 5 Meter from the modem.
Please help. Many thx.

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