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Your website says NBN not available in my area, but my neighbours had it installed tonight

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Hi I am trying to get NBN connected to my home as my neighbours had it installed tonight. Yet your call staff and website say it is not available in my area.Yes, I spoke to the installation technicians an hour ago (who are connecting my neighbour now) and they said the NBN is in my area yet a job needs to be listed to get it installed. The pole for connection is on the main rd at the back of my house. When I key in my neighbour's address on your website it says NBN is available!!! How can I get connected? Do I need to find another provider for my area?

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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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Hi @kmandla 

Upon checking your account / address details, it appears your address is totally different to the the adjoining neighbouring properties. 
As per the NBNCo portal  your address is definitely not available, on "paper". But physically can be connected from the rear if possible.  ( this may be harder than it seems

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Hi are you able to book to set it up to the rear of the house from the pole on Waterworks Rd (as my neighbour has done? Note the technicians do it in the middle of the night as it is a busy road by day. Thank you. Ideally the NBN people should do all 4 townhouses at same time.
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Also it can be connected to the rear. The technicians installing my neighbour confirmed that but the need the job set up via my internet provider which is you, TPG.