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can't send e-mails via outlook

Level 2

I use outlook and I can receive emails through tpg but not send them. I get an error message that says 

Authentication denied. User is banned from using SMTP AUTH due to previous abuse. can we please get this fixed. Also, have raised several chats on this & they all simply closed by support staff without addressing the problem. My a/c is linked with another party who controls the TPG a/c  

Level 2

I have changed our password access as suggested elsewhre on your website.

Still not allowing e-mails to be sent via Outlook.

Not worth going onto your chat support page as chats are being ramdomly deleted by someone @ TPG. Have had approx. 6 different "chats" deleted without any action.

can you please have my ability to send e-mails via outlook restored. I'm not a spammer!


Level 2

cannot send e-mails via outlook or tpg post office