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horrible service for no internet or home phone

Level 2

I have now been without internet or home phone since the end of feb. It tokk 4 appointments for a technician (they only kept 2 of those) before it was fixed. The technician said the phone line had been cut by nbn. Mine got fixed on the Sunday. On the Tuesday of last week my neighbour had nbn come out because he lost internet on the Sunday. They cut my line again. I contact tpg on Wednesday and they organised a technician to come out on Sunday. I sat for 4 hours without anyone turning up. The excuse given (as has been every other time) is that due to high work loads the technician couldnt come out. This is a really poor excuse for someone who has been without internet for almost 4 weeks. I have a complaint with the ombudsman but that department has not done a check on my service since the n12th March. This is appalling and I would have thought that someone from the complaints area would follow up once a technician has supposed to have been. They have not been very helpful.