iOS 13.3

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I upgraded 13.3 a few days ago on my iPad and lost all my sent email history and all emails that were flagged. All emails in my inbox all appeared as unread. Main issue isn’t the sent and flagged emails disappearing. I have restarted the iPad but nothing has appeared. My email server is Tpg pop3.

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For POP3 email accounts, it is by default that emails will be deleted after 45 days. The only way you can retain the emails is to use an email client and download all those email to your device.

However, If the emails was downloaded by your email clients, you may be able to see it there, but it won't be visible in the Post Office.

If your was sync to iCloud you may try to check it with iCloud server to retrieve. Unfortunately we do not have a way to retrieve the emails you sent using the device.

Let us know should you require further assistance.