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keep disconnecting at around same time at night

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hi team,


i am exprencing this random internet disconnection at around same time and i haven't actually counted it but feeling like at least once in a week.

this was happening 10pm~12pm and actually happenned at around 10:10~20pm today.

this time around is my pleasure time of the day, playing game after work to do and whenever it happens, it drives me crazy!!

when ever it happenes, the internet light on the router is off, and the modem has no down stream light.

it is come back on after about 3~5 minutes, but it is enought to ruin my game and day.


please have your tech team to check on my account and address this problem as soon as possible.



Hi @brianrew


Let's look into resolving your connection issue with our tech team. Kindly send me a private message with the following:


TPG customer ID or username:

Preferred callback number and time: 

How do I private message (PM) in the community