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light is flashing on nbn black device

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since yesterday, my light on black bnb box is flashing.
to be specific, top first is solid on. second one (downstream) is flashing, third and fourth( upstream and online) is off overnight. because of that, internet light on my white modem is off too.

it's been 1 day, and it has been quite often. just 2~3 weeks time, it happens. sometimes it fixes itself overnight. but sometimes it doesn't.

what do i have to do? i can call technician, but wish to fix it on my own and figure out the problem.

Thanks tech experts.

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Hey @jasonyoung973

You can try checking if cables are properly connected and maybe a hard reset on the black box will do the trick.

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Hey @jasonyoung973

I agree, do the hard reset, most of the time it works but if not you'll have to do the ardous task of calling them for support (they're great though so don't worry). Cheers!! Smiley Happy