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nbn 50 giving me 0.38 mbps download and 0.02 upload

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ever since i switched to nbn 50 it has never provided above 30 and it allways has its really slow times where it goes 5-10 mbps download and very high ping. this is starting to annoy me as i am a student and need the internet especially in these times


Hi @Jamesfisher4489 

Thanks for your query!

Let me have a look for you, and I will get back to you ASAP.

There is also a new ''TPG Mobile APP'' to help you with various trouble shooting and account issues, via a mobile phone app.



Hi @Jamesfisher4489 

Can you please Private Message(PM) me your Username/CID/Service address for the service you need help on so i can pull up your account.

How to PM.


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You are not alone.
Have recently started getting the same random down speed slowness down to 10mbps from the normal 40bmps for no reason this week.


As per my post,


Something is definitely afoot here.

Considering no outages mentioned in the tpg website or any reported outages/maintenance on the NBNCo site either



tip: for the high ping, you can work around that by setting your modem's dns to use google dns of for the meantime.
Will probably allow you to bypass a few sites that tpg has blocked/filtered as well.

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First night swapping with Mate NBN 50/20
(only took 24hours btw to switch, paid yesterday evening to switch and connected today morning).


No sign of a severe drop like I was suffering with TPG (a mere 2-5mbps downspeed)
07:15pm -






which begs to question the heavy congestion at the tpg end/infrastructure.
Will keep updating throughout the night with test to prove that this issue should be looked at for other TPG customers.