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network is always dropped at last few weeks after 8:00 pm.

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Dear Sir

Why the tpg network is always dropped at last few weeks after 8:00 pm. the network is normal during the day and the speed can reach 8Mb. I checked my Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and everything is very good. But there is no network signal.




Hi @adslue89


Welcome to the Community!


I checked the connectivity of your modem to our server and within the last 5 days, we only detected one drop out. I also check the status of your connection from March 26, and though there may be minimal drops from the server, they didn't occur at 8PM NSW.


It's possible that this could be WIFI congestion or interference during peak hours. Can you elaborate as to what you meant by "no network signal"?


For us to have a better understanding of the reason for the dropouts, can you provide us the following:

  1. What's the status of the modem lights when you lose the connection?
  2. Are all your devices on WIFI connection or do you have a computer connected via ethernet?
  3. If there's a computer connected via ethernet, is it also experiencing the same issue?
  4. If all devices are on WIFI, what happens to the WIFI signal indicators on your devices when they lose the connection? Are the devices still showing that they're connected or did the signal indicators drop to 1 bar?