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no NBN internet connection

Level 2

I have been with TPG for about 20 years and I think i have decided to leave now. lost internet connection and trying to sort it out. been trying all day to get hold of online tech support but all day the online thing says try again later. finally got hold of someone via Sales chat and I got put on hold for 1.5 hrs and booted. just tried again via Sales and on hold for 30 mins no reply!

anyway all my NBN lights are on, so I think its a modem issue for lack of internet connection. I changed my TPG account password on Friday, so I am assuming it is due to that. but I dont know what setting I need to go to on the modem.

wife needs to work from home and security cameras etc. don't work!



Hi nirajs,


My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

My records shows that your case has been escalated to our Technical support department.

We will contact you as earliest possible for an update.