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Get online support is NOT affiliated with TPG

Community Manager

Hi Community, 


This is a message regarding these websites:


We have received customer feedback about confusion about TPG's affiliation with these websites.


Please be aware that these websites are not affiliated with TPG and are not official support channels for TPG services. The contact number listed on those sites (1800789560) is not a TPG support number and the address listed (40 Insignia Way, South Boulder, WA 6432) is not a TPG office or registered address.


Please remember when seeking support from TPG:


  • TPG's primary call centre number is 131423 and our various support numbers you can contact us on are listed at
  • TPG will never ask you to read your full credit card details verbally over the phone (we will always ask you to enter them securely via an automated phone keypad system, or via our online TPG My Account section of our website)
  • TPG will never ask you to provide payment before we will assist you to troubleshoot a technical issue with your TPG service
  • TPG will never ask you for your TPG account password
  • All official TPG websites will start with https:// in your internet browser's address bar, and are within the domain


We understand from time to time some customers may choose to engage third party IT providers in regards to their home telecomunciations services, e.g. for advanced IT setup or requirements that may be outside the scope of TPG's support. However, please be aware that in engaging a third party provider you are not engaging TPG directly and take appropriate precautions as you would with any business you engage.


If you are concerned about any payment or personal details you may have provided to anyone outside TPG, please contact your bank or financial institution.


Kind regards,