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upgrade or resign NBN plan for another 18 months with new modem?

Level 1a

am currently on nbn plan and just finish contract, but my modem wifi is getting very weak.


i have trying all the option e.g factory reset modem, change another wifi channel, and still the same. also bought a wifi extenter, but didn't help much.


when i first got it, is was really good. just now is getting worst. 


so, if i resign another 18 months, do i get a new modem for free?


if so, please let me know the modem model number. currently i got HG 658.






Hi @chinchinhoma,


Welcome to the community!


I can request for a free modem in exchange of 18months contract, however this is subject to approval.


If you will proceed with the request, you will get one of either the Huawei HG659 or the TP Link VR 1600v depending on stock levels.  Both modems offer similar specifications in regards to performance. These 2 modems have very similar features and have been tested to ensure that they will both give a good level of service for our customers.


Kind regards,

Level 1a

yes please can you send out modem for me.




Hi @chinchinhoma,


Please be advised that the Free Modem request is a subject for approval and investigation. Once it will be approved additional 18 months commitment will be added to your account. Kindly PM me your shipping address.