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Difference between TPG FTTB & NBN FTTB

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Many people may be under the impression when NBN becomes available in an area, it will be the only broadband service available in that area. This is not the case for all situations.


Did you know that TPG has been rolling out its own Fibre to the Building (FTTB) Network in some areas where NBN is also available? This is a win for everyone as competition and choices are always good for consumers.



What is Fibre To The Building anyway?


TPG Fibre to the Building (FTTB) is a high speed broadband service delivered using our own fibre optic network that has been installed in many metro apartment buildings in Australia, enabling Ultrafast download speeds from 50 to 100Mbps.


TPG FTTB is a truly awesome product which is delivered completely by TPG (bypassing NBN and Telstra), connecting directly to TPG’s massive national and international internet and voice network.





Why choose TPG FTTB?


Now that you have the choice, this article explains why you shouldn’t just automatically pick NBN if TPG FTTB is available at your home. Below are a few benefits of TPG FTTB.


  • Great value - $59.99/month for unlimited internet on ultrafast download speed (Between 50 to 100Mbps) with voice service included.FTTb.PNG




  • Ultrafast speed - Everyone in your home can stream HD movies even at typical Australian peak times between 7pm and 11pm. With our FTTB product, you can stream 4k content on multiple devices without suffering the buffer! 

  • Unlimited data - With unlimited data plans, you can binge watch your favourite shows without worrying about download limits. 
  • Flexibility – You have the option to get TPG FTTB on a lock-in contract or enjoy free setup on an 18 month contract. Whether you are a renter or home owner, TPG has got you covered. 
  • Modem included - All TPG FTTB plans include a Wi-Fi router with AC Dual Band capability so that you can get great Wi-Fi speed and performance on all your devices. 
  • Network owner - TPG owns and operates our end-to-end, world-class Fibre network infrastructure to deliver the TPG FTTB service to your building, which means we have full control over your service quality. 
  • Fast and easy installation – In most cases, faster install timeframe than NBN 
  • TPG technicians – everything from installations to fault repairs are performed by TPG’s own technicians. This eliminates delays caused by third parties.


TPG FTTB isn’t affected by the shutdown of the copper network


  • TPG FTTB is not affected by the decommissioning of the copper network. You may have heard that copper based services (e.g. ADSL, landline) are being decommissioned in areas where NBN is available. This copper disconnection does NOT apply to TPG FTTB services.


For more information or to check TPG FTTB availability, visit our FTTB page.



Thanks to our team member Rafa D. for contributing to this article!