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Can't receive phone call

Level 2

We can call out but when we try and call in it says the number you are calling is not valid.


We are on fttc and have always had intermittent landline issues.... Had an nbn tech out today on another matter and he said it's a tpg issue. 


Any advice?


Thanks for raising this with us, @benwilson5.


I pulled up your account using your community details. From what I can tell, there shouldn't be any issue with incoming calls at all.


For us to determine as to the why you're having trouble, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Is the phone connected to phone1 port of the modem?
  2. When you tried to call your homephone number, was that from a mobile number or other landline?
  3. If it's from a mobile phone number, who's the carrier?
  4. Were you able to test it using another number or a different carrier?



Hi @benwilson5,


Thanks for your informing us via email that the phone is now working after connecting to phone1 port.


Feel free to leave a message in this thread if you still need our assistance.