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Changing NBN Plans

Level 3

Hi, I've just started on a basic NBN Plan to see how things go.

I am told I can change plans at any time. Is that true? How long does it take?

I am thinking about changing now to a faster plan and dropping back to a basic plan while I am absent from home for several months?


Hi @peter3193,


Yes, you can downgrade and upgrade your NBN Plan anytime. The actual plan change may apply within 3-5 working days.


Cheers! Smiley Happy

Level 3

Thanks for the info. I submitted a change of plan this morning. It took only a few hours to change and receive confirmation!



You're always welcome, @peter3193. We're glad to hear that you have processed the Change of Plan. In case you will have other queries in the future don't hesitate to post it here in our Community.