Extra talk bundle

Level 2

I have contacted TPG 3 x regarding extra talk bundle & I have been assured was activated & functional  Why do I have to wait a month to use the service. Can I  be billed now for the extra bit  & start the service straight away

This is a copy of email I received today


Thank you for activating the Extra Talk Home Bundle Add-on add-on.

The charge will be applied to the next renewal which is scheduled for
01/03/2021 and each subsequent renewal until this feature is

Extra Talk Home Bundle Add-on will be activated on 08/03/2021 as long as this
charge is successful.

Level 2

Hi, welcome to TPG community. 


We checked your account and can confirm that the Extra Talk Add on is already activated for the billing from 2021-02-08 to 2021-03-07. You may disregard the system generated email.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance.