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Home Phone not working

Level 2

Hello,  I just recently moved home few days ago. Now my home phone is not working here at my new address but the internet is working (although it's slow). There is NO dial tone and cannot receive or make a phone call. There is a message on the dialer saying "Check Phone Line". All cables are properly connected and I have a working phone unit. I never had any issues at my old place. Please help.


Hi @Ed2017,


Welcome to the community!


I was able to locate your acccount and ran initial tests, it shows no line fault.


Please confirm if you're modem is connected via filter/splitter together with home phone.


Try to do the following troubleshooting.


  • Isolate home phone alone check if there is  dial tone.
  • Use different wall socket (Isolate home phone alone)
  • Try different handset.

Tell me how it will go.



Level 2

Hi Shane,


Thanks for your response. I've done all those troubleshooting that you mentioned previously before I posted my issue here online but no luck at all.


I also sent an email message to TPG customer service regarding this matter and yesterday morning the phone just worked without me doing anything. It seems someone just forgot to turn a switch on /off or swapped some cables. The issue is fixed now. Thanks Shane.