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Home phone not working

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Level 2

Hi all , 

Iv'e tried getting into contact with the online support but keep getting disconnected ?


I will try here . 

My home phone hasn't been working since Christmas when we did some painting and I had to disconnect the modem . When I reconnected it , the internet is working fine but for some reason no phone . No voip light on the modem . NBN has been hit and miss with speed but I guess with everyone working from home that is to be expected . WiFi has been cutting in and out as well .Not sure if the modem is on it's way out or not ?

I have reset it a few times but no luck with the phone .


Modem is a HUAWEI HG659 which i guess from reading in the forum is not a favorite for most people .

Any help / ideas would be most appreciated .


Dave Hobson