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Invalid Number When Calling , No Green Light on Modem

Level 2

Hi There,


We are getting an invalid number when trying to call our number.  We do have a dial tone but we are also unable to call out as we get a long continues beep. The Phone light on the modem also doesn't switch on. 


We have reset the modem twice. No issues with internet


- we have been at this all day.

- support takes so long, we haven't been able to get through on the phone from 3pm yesterday. it is now past midnight and we just finished with chat who said it might be a problem with the setup and it may take 24/48 hours to resolve if engineering calls us. 

- at 6pm yesterday we were promised call within the hour. 6 hours later no phone call from a technician.

- we actually need to get this up and running for work and have had the whole day off yesterday to try and fix the issue which was pretty much sitting on the phone waiting for anyone to answer and nobody ever did. We hung on for 3 hours. 




Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so i can look at your service\.

kind regards

Level 3
Please please give me a call on my mobile - still the home phone will not dial mobiles .. going on 3 weeks now
Level 3
Please respond - 3 weeks and. No reply or solution - have been without a home phone to call
Mobiles for that long!!! Not good enough ..