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My phone and internet are not working

Level 2
I cannot receive calls, the callers get the message that network is congested, My internet is not working either. We tried to reset the router but it did not fix anything. It has been like this for few days now. Account is up to date with payments, there is no network disruptions. I am disabled and cannot talk. My sister is waiting for a callback to help me to sort it out.

Hi @Konrad


Thanks for reaching out and we're saddened about your connection issues. 


I was able to locate your account using your details and have seen this is already escalated to our Engineers for further evaluation as we are seeing line issue causing the unstable internet service. One of our Engineers will be updating you with the case progress within 24 hours via SMS or phone call. 

Level 6

Suggest providing more information.  Location suburb and/or postcode. 

Start logging date and time drop outs occur.