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We now have internet and wifi (thanks to my neice working it all out-help line was no help)  but the telephone landline is still not working. My account says it's active and we requested to keep the same phone number-was to be ported from Telstra. Recieved text from tpg stating the phone line is ready to go but.... but the ph has no sound when I open line , no sound when i try to call a number. It's not working

This is urgent as the line is an emergency medical number and attached to an emergency alarm. The phone & number is also attached to the Security front Gates of the retirment Village. I cannot let anyone in the gate unless the phone is working. Vulnerable, aged resident. I need the phone connect & working now.

Online chat-useless. Spent 3 hours ON HOLD yesterday to get help. TPG was not contactable via phone or chat yesterday. Today I was lucky however, the responce was-someone will contact you in the next 24 hours even after I stated this was urgent.

Any one got any suggestions please?

Thank you 


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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check the status here.




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I have replied by private message 2 houers ago-not heard back still?