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Phone Fail

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I've been trying for about 2 hours to get some sense from TPG phone support but sadly I'm not prepared to spend $100 on a call to ask why I'm unable to call another TPG customer when I'm presented with a message telling me the number I have dialed is "invalid".
How can I find out what the problem is quickly and accurately?

Hi @saywot,


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Have you tried calling the same number using your mobile? In case you still experience the same issue. We'd love to help.


PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account)



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That was days ago.
Of course I tried calling the NBN phone with my mobile, that's how I got the error message.
It seems to me (as someone who uses landlines as a first preference) that TPG in this instance has passed my issue onto some nameless technical troupe and hoped I would go away - and it worked.
I received no phone support of any merit and this peer-to-peer forum has a 3 day lag.
If this is the best service TPG offers how do they keep customers ?

Hi @saywot,


We're glad to know that the issue has been addressed. We appreciate your feedback this will help us improve our service in the future.


In case you will have concern in the future, you can always open a thread here in our Community.


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