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Port phone line after creation of NBN service

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When i created my NBN service i did not need to port the phone line at the house as this was with Telstra and paid for by others.

As Telstra cannot support the line, it is being disconnected in Feb 2021, i now need to port this number to the NBN service and need to do it now as the line is basically unusable. 

The easiest option for me, is to port it to this service. 


I have spoken to several sales people in the last two weeks who all give conflicting advise to the point an account manager was assigned and was going to call me; which they have not done. 


I need a direction to deal with this phone line. 


Hello ChrisWalsh,
Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community and apologies for not receiviong that call back
For verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name and provide the following information:
 Username
 Full Name
 Full Address
 D.O.B.
I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above and arrange for an Account Manager to contact you.
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