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VOIP Not working and told I need to pay for a new modem

Level 2

Hi everyone. Is this a new thing or has happened to others?


My VOIP on FTTB has stopped working, so I contact technical support who raise it with a technician, who contacts me. After checking the Seriel Number and software version of the modem TPG suppied, I'm told I have to buy a new modem by the technician as they don't support it anymore, and to contact customer services.

On contacting Customer services the new modem will cost AU$100 with AU$10 shipping.

I have not received anything saying that my modem will stop working for phone calls, and I feel its a little unfair that I have to buy a new modem, the same one you get for free when you sign up (with AU$10 delivery). 

Has anyone else come across this sort of thing, it would actually be cheaper to go to another provider than buy the modem.