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home phone stage 2 installation

Level 2

i have been trying to call TPG technical support since 6pm and got nothing tonight and just about had enough with the support i have been getting from TPG.

The issue is my Home Phone is stuck in stage 2 installation but my NBN is working fine but i had to call this speed up the process of this as well. 

1st lack of staff for technical support calls been trying from 6pm to 9pm Brisbane time to call.
2nd no call back for a level 2 to fix my home phone issues after i rang on sunday to get it fixed.

3rd i have made a complaint to TIO about getting my Home phone service working.

so either get this fix or i will being leaving and if i leave i want my money back for this and getting everyone off TPG.
that i know who with TPG.


Hi ,


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention and we're sorry to hear that you have escalated the issue further. Kindly PM to us the following and we'll have a case officer to call you for assistance:


TIO Reference number:
Contact name:
Preferred contact date/time:

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