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phone inconsistencies

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Used to love tpg until.....

All over sudden without warning we had no internet and phone connection. TPG told us that we needed to switch to NBN because NBN had cut our copper cables off. NBN laughed their heads off and then got angry and told us that they had scheduled the disconnection for 1 1/2 years later (April 2019). Then TPG told us it was Telstra. Telstra was annoyed and told us to go back to TPG and demand action. After a long while of nothing happening and thanks to the fact that this house once had Foxtel, TPG connected us back to the world. To assure the same speed  and have the same phone service we had before we would have needed to pay more. Now we pay the same with good speed, but have actually less land line phone service now, so every so often we are charged additional amounts (all phone based because we work on computers, but don't download movies etc). Well, now and for a while we have had problems with our landline. Intermittently (although most calls) people ring in (or we ring out) and we can hear the person at  the other end but they can't hear us. Two days ago finally a technician came, pulled a cable out, was convinced that this was it, did one test call (it worked) and pushed aside my doubts as to a permanent result. Not only was there no logic in this approach, there was basically no listening.  Of course, two hours later a phone call came where it didn't work..... Sit for ages on the phone, go through all exercises again and lose the connection, ring again..... and be promised a phone call from the technical department..... of course, two days later this phone call hasn't occurred.... Because we have been forced to use our mobile phones instead of landline a little too often we appear to have exceeded our plan, so today my mobile phone tells me I can't ring a number I missed yesterday because "your account balance is insufficient to make this call"...... Anyone having a better experience?


Apologies for the trouble, @jrgo.


We have managed to locate an account using your community details. As per checking, this issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and they are now working on sending a modem replacement.


We will make a follow up and have the case engineer contact you to further discuss the matter.


If you have a preferred contact number and time to receive a call, please send it via private message. Thank you.