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Archer V1600 and Google Nest Wifi Mesh

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 I have a TPG FTCC 50/15 connection with home phone.  There is a white FTTC NBN box connected to the Archer VR1600. I have a PC and Playstation connected to the VR1600 and all other devices are via WiFi. 


I have now got a Google Nest Wifi with two additional access points that I want to connect. and set up as a mesh network. 


 Following other posts in the community, I have deselected the enable tick box for the 2.4 and 5ghz wifi on the Archer VR1600 to turn off WiFi


When I power up the Nest WiFi Router and conect to Vr1600 ethernet cable, I can see in the VR1600 networks wired connections, a new unknown device with an IP  and MAC address setting  


I then tried to set up the Goole Nest WiFi Router via the Google home App. It goes through the setup and then display a message on the Google Home 'Couldn't add device'. It may be that you have two devices wired to the same modem. Make sure all your connections are configured correctly  


Any suggestions on wht is going wrong?






Hi @rsie


Can you please re-enable the 2.4 and 5ghz WIFI on the Archer VR1600 and just simply plug in the google nest WIFI on the modem LAN ports? You may also check this community post, 
Google Nest wifi & VR1600V


Let me know how it goes.