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Archer VR1600v Access Web Interface from DMZ

Level 2

Hi All,
I have a situation which hope you guys can help me to resolve.

I have my NBN setup in my premisses and have VR1600v as my Modem.
Hoever, my network is set on second Archer C9 router connected to LAN1 of VR1600v.
I put my second Router into DMZ of first one so I can get access to all my devices connected to my second router.
All are fine and I can see all my devices in my network and all my port forwarding settings in my second router work just fine.

The only issue I have is that, if I want to remotly access my main Archer VR1600v web interface, the page does not show properly and I cannot access it from outside my home.

If I am inside home, there is no issue as I can use it's internat LAN IP and even because it is in other network subnet, it still is acceesible.

How can I get access to my main Archer VR1600v router from DMZ?
What should I do to set it properly to work with my DMZ network and also be able to access the router Web Interface from outside?!

Any help would be appreciated,

P.S: attached is the snapshot of my main router Web Interface when I try to access it from outide.(None of th submit form works anyway...)

NOTE: The reason I put my second router in DMZ is that, I want to forward all inbound ports to my second router. I know if I forward all ports to second one via Virtual Port FOrwarding that might resolve my problem. But I couldn't find easy way to forward all ports from my main router to second one connected to LAN1.
If you know any way to set it please advise.

Level 2

I realized that if I use my router IP with port I have assigned it works but not with my subdomain I specificly used to point to my Router IP address!!!

Any idea why?