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Archer VR1600v doesn't detected connected D-Link DGS-1008A switch

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I have recently changed over to the NBN and was supplied with the Archer VR1600v device which mostly works OK. However, I have a problem where the Archer VR1600v won't detect the network link to a D-Link 1008A switch connected via ethernet cable. This setup previously (and still) works fine when I use my old Billion 7800N device rather than the TPG supplied Archer VR1600v.

The setup is as follows:
- Upstairs the NBN supplied device is directly connected to the WAN port on the Archer VR1600v.
- On the Archer VR1600v I have a patch cable running from LAN3 port to an RJ-45 wall socket that connects to a matching RJ-45 wall socket downstairs.
- Downstairs I have a patch cable that runs from the matching RJ-45 wall socket to port 1 on a D-Link DGS-108A gigabit switch.
- From the D-Link switch I have three other patch cables that connect to three other network devices.

The problem is that the Archer VR1600v does not detect that anything is connected to LAN3. However, if I connect an additional switch between the Archer VR1600v and the upstairs RJ-45 wall socket, then the LAN3 on the Archer VR1600v detects that a device is there. This additional switch is redundant and should not be needed.


I assume that there is a problem with the Archer VR1600v firmware that is preventing it from detecting the network link. Here is the current firmware details:
Firmware Version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 190228 Rel.72265n
Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v2 00000000


Is there a firmware upgrade available to fix this problem.


Thanks, Darren



The Firmware of the modem is the latest which was build 190228 28/09/19.


Could you please give us details about the configuration of your network Specifically with IP address.

Did you modify any network configuration on your network?

What was the IP address of your devices when you were using the old modem?

What's the IP address and the IP range of your old Billion Modem?


You said that it works when you connect the router inbetween the modem and the ethernet wall socket.

If it does, what's the IP address of your devices when it connects to the switch down stairs?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.


I'm the IT manager at a medium sized company so I'm very confident that the issue is not with the configuration of the network. However to answer your questions:

Yes, I have modified the network configuration from the default state. I configured the Archer VR1600v to act as the only DHCP Server on the network and assigned it the static IP Address The IP address pool is configured for to I have also set up an address reservation ( for one device on the network.

When using the old Billion modem the IP address setup was identical to that of the new Archer VR1600v.


The old Billion modem no longer has any IP address and pool configured because I have disabled the DHCP server on the old device.


When the old Billion modem is connected between the Archer VR1600v and the upstairs ethernet wall socket, the IP address of the devices connected downstairs are as expected in the 192.168.70.x range.


My guess is that issue is a link detection problem, because the Archer VR1600v Port LED does not light up when the D-Link switch is connected as described.


Thanks for your assistance with this issue.

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Hi @JovemarLm,


Do you have any advice to offer following my prevouis response to your questions. If not I'll have to buy a new modem because the Archer VR1600v just dosn't work like it should.


Thanks, Darren