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Archer VR1600v - save config

Level 1c


Yesterday evening, it seems that the VR1600v modem (or TPG?) decided on its own to flush or reset the firmware (message asking to wait as the modem was loading the configuration...). I lost then internet for a few minutes and after that I discovered that all my router conf was gone!!! (wifi setup, port forwarding, everything...)


I checked the setup of the modem and could not find a way to save a conf to avoid to build my conf manually again if such an unfortunate event was to happen again (which I hope is never!).

I hate not having control on my own equipment!

Is there a way to save/restore the configuration of the VR1600v?



Hi @Arthur


I'm sorry to hear that you have to redo all the settings that you've previously saved. Unfortunately, there is no backup / restore function for our supplied TP-Link Vr1600v modem.