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Archer VX220-G2v Latest firmware/download firmware since Build 220517 Rel.49186n

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Hi there,


Looking to confirm the latest firmware versions for the Archer VX220-G2v please, and where the firmware files can be downloaded for troubleshooting purposes.


Today, latest version appears to be the following running version:


Firmware Version: 2.0.0 0.9 v603c.0 Build 220517 Rel.49186n
Hardware Version: VX220-G2v v2.0 00000000


This seems to be the latest version available/already in use as at 23/09/2022 or earlier in other posts, e.g:


And earlier posts, which makes sense with the Build number 220517 seeming to indicate it was compiled on 17th May 2022.


This does not have firmware available on the TP-Link website, as it is customised and provided by TPG to customers, but the firmware files don't appear to be available to confirm.


Where can the firmware binaries be found, and what is the latest version, please?




Hi @CulinaryANT ,


We can confirm that VX220-G2V 2.0.0 0.9 v603c.0 Build 220517 Rel.49186n is latest firmware version for our supplied TP-Link modem.

Note: Our supplied modem comes with optimised firmware. Update of firmware can only be done via OTA request if new version is available. 


Should you require more assistance, let us know.