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Archer-vr1600v router issues on iiNet

Level 2

I have an HFC NBN connection via iiNet (supplied router by TPG/iiNet Archer-vr1600r)...

The modem issues -

* iiNet/TPG disabled the "Save Config" option to save the settings

* Router randomly (or controlled via iiNet??) resets the Gateway IP address I have set (all other settings ok).

* The 4G USB option for backup internet if NBN goes down, doesn't include Telstra as a choice of carrier???


I have had no joy with support, so thought I'd buy a D-Link Python DSL-2888A router.  

Anyone experienced this device on iiNet connection and will it work better than locked down unit supplied by provider?


Really need the fail-safe option of the 4G (dongle).