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Asus PCE - AC68 5g NBN issue

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I have an Asus PCE - AC68 adapter for my PC, but its not picking up 5g signal from the Huawei HG659

but the adapter picks up other 5g networks, and all my other devices (phones, laptops )are working fine with the modems 5g network, 

help pls,,,,


Hi @vimukthiss,


Thanks for reaching out to us and we're sorry to hear about the connectivity issue happening on your Huawei HG659 5Ghz and  Asus PCE-AC68.


Since both devices are able to connect to other devices under the 5Ghz bandwidth. 


You may try to change the wireless channel of the 5GHZ on the modem. 


You can check the following community links we've created which may help fix or improve issues regarding connectivity;


Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it? :


Let us know how it goes. Thank you.





Level 2

hi thanks for the reply, but i need to update my firmware to change my 5g channels to fix the issue,

can you please let me know how to do it



Product type: HG659
Device ID: 00E0FC-J3N7S17913905952
Hardware version: VER.B
Software version: V100R001C270B011


Hi @vimukthiss,


Thanks for the additional details. Please PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) and we'll process to upgrade the firmware of the modem/router.



Level 1c

If set to auto it can use a number of channels.. well worth trying a high channel.








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