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Back up Modem Configuration Huawei HG659

Level 2

Hi. New NBN connection and using supplied Huawei HG659 modem.
Once I have configured the modem for my home network, how do I back up the configuration?

Any advice appreciated.


Hi @gbf2615,

Welcome to the community!


Backup configuration function is not supported on this modem.

Please let me know should you require further assistance. Cheers!

Level 3

Is this also true for the Archewr modems ? Option shows in the operators guide, but doesn't appear to be there in fact.


Hi @spyder,


Thanks for reaching out. I'd like to know the exact Model number the Archer modem you're pertaining to.

If you can post a screen shot of the page that would be great and I will have it checked.



Level 3

Hi, Shayne  thanks for the quick response. I'm still learning the ropes on this site so hope the pics are viewable.  Modem in question is a VR1600v . 

Manual can be found here VR1600v_V1_UG.pdf

attached hopefully is a snap of the advanced system tools page showing nothing about backup/restore.




Hi @spyder. Back up configuration feature is not supported on TPG supplied VR1600 modems. Let me know should you require further assistance.