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Bridge mode HFC Modem with VoIP

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Greetings, i'm actually an iiNet customer so i dont know whether this translates or not.

But does anyone know if there is a Modem for HFC NBN which will still provide a VoIP port while running in Bridge Mode? Unfortunately i kind of need Bridge mode because i am working on a firewall i have for work.

iiNet support were telling me that i could connect via SIP, but I'm highly suspect of this.

The consultant also said that TPG support should all be the same as they are the same company.

Many Thanks,


Hi @mangoman,


Welcome to the community!


As much as I want to help, I cannot speak in behalf of iiNet.


Please understand that though iiNet & TPG are part of the TPG Telecom Limited we still operate independently of each other.


Let me know if there is anything that I can assist you with.



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Hi Shane,


Thanks for the reply, i was pretty sure the setups between the companies were not the same. But thought i might as well ask.

IMO i feel NBN should really have tackled the issue of land lines properly instead of pushing it back down to vendors and ISPs. Especially when it seems most people are still using a PSTN phone to hook up to their modems.

I think i'll just fork out for some kind of SIP ATA, and forward my home number to it. The effort just doesnt seem worth it at the moment Smiley Sad