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Can I request a New Router?

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I have been using my TPG Router, Huawei HG 659, for more than 5 years and all of my family have problems to connect the 4G/5G wifi. It seems when I am in my bedroom, no wifi connection can be made every night. I asked my husband and sons whether they have the same problems or not. They have the same problems and the online games and youtube freeze. Especially my husband is now working from home and he experiences some disconnections using zoom and is frustrated. It seems sometimes the wifi drops out even when I'm standing right next to the router. It doesn't matter what device I m trying to connect its always the same outcome. 4g works fine but no internet in a bedroom so I have to do tethering with my mobile data. The 4g/5g wifi that no longer works consistantly.

We have more 5G devices which have upgraded software saying warning message about the privacy. Is there any solutions?  Am I able to obtain a new router? I am currently off contract. At this moment, our internet plan is NBN FTTB 50.


Hi @WoWoW,


We're sorry to learn about your service experience. You may private message to us the following details and we will have a tech specialist to get in contact with you to address the matter and your request.


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