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Can I use a 4G USB dongle on a AX5400 router

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Hi, we have NBN fiber to the curb through TPG. Currently, our internet has been out for three days and TPG advises we might have someone to look at it in another 3 days Smiley Sad


I'm thinking it would be worthwhile to use a 4G USB dongle on the AX5400 supplied by TPG to act as backup (preferably setup as failover). We have good Telstra 4G and little else.


Looking for info on the possibility of doing this and what we need. Probably prefer prepaid.


Also, does anyone have a link to a manual? I tried TP-Link and the routers that match AX5400 do not look like the one that we have.


Thanks folks Smiley Happy



Hi @woyboyoo


Can you please send me your TPG account details privately? I'd like to see if you have a TPG supplied modem. Moreover, we do not offer a 4G back up. 


How do I private message (PM) in the community