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Connecting a second Router to the Huawei HG659 -

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Does any one have instructions on how to connect a second router to the HG659 - I have a DLink AC3200 which has no issues giving great signial to my whole house. However due to the way TPG configure their NBN connections and Voice the HG659 must be connected to the NBN box. Is there any way of connecting my AC3200 to the HG 659 and disableing the wifi in the HG659 and allowing the Dlink AC3200 to deliver the wifi to the house - Any **istance would be appreciated 


Hi @nbmoller,


You do not have to change any settings on the Huawei HG659 to connect a different router.


If you wish to connect a 3rd party router on your Huawei HG659.


the router configuration setting/connection setting must be on 'DHCP mode'


Let me know how it will go.


Note: We do not have any reference/information to any 3rd party modem/router.




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Worked like a dream ! Third party router just needed a reboot and all was good - Thank you 


Hi @nbmoller,


I'm glad to know that it works! Enjoy the service.


Have a great day!