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Demolition - NBN Service Needs to be De-Activated by TPG

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I have moved out and am renting while my house is being prepared for demolition and then a new residence will be built in its place. I have successfully had my TPG NBN account transfered over to the rental home.


As a part of demolition the physical NBN equipment was removed by a NBN contracter and the service is then to be disconnected to the property. However I have been informed that:

"... our records cannot be updated to reflect removal of nbn® assets, as there appears to be an active service at your property address.

As your service is managed by your preferred phone and internet provider, please contact them to arrange disconnection."


Can someone please advise me on how to completely disconnect the service to that property so that I can then inform the NBN Relocation Works Team so that they in turn can update my NBN records to reflect this?


Hi @SixCarbon3 ,


Let us help arrange the service relocation and coordinate this with the relevant team to help deactivate the service in preparation for the demolition. Could you send us your details?


How to send a PM? 





Level 3

Thank you Shane. I have now sent you my details.