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Google Nest wifi & VR1600V

Level 2
Noticing all the posts about using Google nest wifi with this modem I thought I’d share my experience today. I have a FTTN NBN service on the NBN 50 plan.

I’m not very tech savvy so I simply plugged the primary Google unit into one of the Lan ports of the VR1600v modem with the supplied Ethernet cable. I then completed the setup wizard on Google Home.

When prompted to set up another Nest, I plugged it in and followed the prompts and it also connected.

So it seems I’ve created a new (mesh) wifi network with a custom name. Google now tells me my wifi speed (50/22 mbps)in the home app and it’s been up and running for a few hours without a problem.

The old SSID is still visible if you view all available wifis on a device but that doesn’t bother me.

I didn’t do anything with VR1600V modem - I assume because it’s working I didn’t need to turn Bridge mode on etc ? Have I done the right thing ?

Thanks for sharing these tips. James7. The old SSID should not affect the performance of the Google Nest so that should be fine. But for anyone who do not want the old Wi-Fi network to show you can always disable the Wi-Fi of the VR1600V by pushing manually the WLAN button for 2-5 seconds.