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HELP NEEDED setting up netgear orbi to tpg fttc nbn

Level 2
I'm having problems connecting my new orbi to my tpg fftc nbn box.

I have setup an older style orbi before on a fttb connection with no issues.

I have gone and bought the new wifi 6 orbi setup for my new house and can't get online at all

I can connect to the wifi
I just can't seem to get a connection to the internet
Im using PPPoe and my username and password

Does anyone out there use a orbi straight off the nbn box setup that can help me?

Please help
Level 2



I have an Orbi Pro and also had an issue when reconnecting when moving house. Please check your VLAN/Bridging settings under the advanced setup tab in the ADVANCED menu. My router had a setting VLAN 2 if I remember correctly and I have now deactivated the VLAN/bridging feature.


All other standard settings are as expected: PPPoE... Username & Password


I hope that this works for you.