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HG659 Console - can't connect via Chrome browser

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I use Chrome browser (Windows 7) 99% of the time. But in recent months when I want to connect to the TPG HG659 console at chrome won't allow me to enter password and connect - I think from googling it is related to SSL certificate being detected as "not secure" by Chrome security settings (see screen grab). To access the router console I have to install and use Firefox, which I would rather not do. Is there a way for me to access the console from Chrome? I have already added to the Settings/Advanced/Proxy/Security/ but it makes no difference (see screen grab). The firmware was updated to latest version today (thanks @Riezl) but it did not fix the problem.TPG screen capture.JPGTPG Capture 2.JPG





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Hi @DarrenE I just tried on one of my PC's running Windows 7 and Chrome, no problem logging in, try clearing your browser's cache, cookies and temporary Internet files, temporarily disable windows firewall for a test. Are you using the default username "admin"?


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G'day @orbistat 

Thank you very much!! I cleared the cache, cookies etc. and it works now. I did not need to temporarily disable firewall.

For anyone else with same issue, the short-cut in Chrome to the dialog box to clear data is <ctrl><shift><del>