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HG659 Huawei Modem/Router - Unable to use for ADSL2+

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The HG659 modem/router i have used to be connected to TPG VDSL service. I have moved to a house without NBN and am trying to connect up to an ADSL2+ service using this same device. However, despite many attempts to enter PPPoE username & password, the HG659 won't set up the ADSL2+ connection. It seems locked into VDSL connection types. 


Is there some way of overcoming this? 



Hi @Dunc74 ,


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Unfortunately the Huawei HG659 is not compatible iwth ADSL2+. We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show a matching records. Please PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) we'll check this with our team and see what can be done.


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community



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I had the same problem and although I've been told that this modem wont work with my new ADSL2+ service, it is working now. I read an instruction online and changed few parts and now its working.


  1. Open a web browser (for example, Internet Explorer)
  2.  In the address bar enter
  3. Default username and password should be both “user” if you haven’t changed it
  4. Click on INTERNT tab
  5. If there are settings under internet_vdsl and Internet_Ethernet, click Delete, otherwise continue to step 6
  6.  Expand New WAN connection and click Edit
  7. In the Basic Information section complete the following fields:
  • Tick the Enable connection check box
    • In the Name filed, enter a name for the connection
    • Service type: select INTERNET, TR069 and VOICE
    • Connection type: select IP routing (PPP) from the drop-down menu
    • In the MRU text field enter 1492
    • In the MSS text field enter 1452
    • NAT Type select NAPT
  1. In the Link Information section complete the following fields:
  • DSL mode: ALL
  • VP/VCI text fields enter 8 and 35
    • Link mode select EoA
    • Service type select UBR without PCR
    • Encapsulation mode select LLC
  1. In the PPP Information section complete the following fields:
  • PPP authentication mode select Auto
    • PPP trigger mode select Always online
    • Internet account field enter your TPG username
    • Internet password field enter your TPG password
  • IP protocol version: IPv4


  1. Click Save

 You'll know if you're successful if you can connect via your ADSL connection