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HUAWEI Modem HG659 - Firmware Update

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Good Morning Team,

How do i obtain the firmware for the HUAWEI Modem HG659 to update it. Previous modems from TPG were simple self updates, how is it progessed these days.


The modem is currently at the following:

Product type:  HG659
Device ID:  00E0FC-J3N8W16B15002748
Hardware version:   VER.B
Software version:  V100R001C216B013
Thanks Again.

Hi 5022931,


The TPG modem HG659 has an specific firmware in order to work with FTTB, I would not recommed to update the firmware as you may lose some performance on the service and services such as VOIP.

If you need a replaced modem please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.


Level 2

Thanks Moderator,

Its just that i have been getting quite a few disconnects over the last few days and was thinking a firmware upgrade might work


System Notice   DSL connection is deactivated .

System Notice   WAN connection TR069_VOICE_R_VID_6:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)

System Notice   WAN connection INTERNET_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)

System Notice   WAN connection Other_B_VID_9:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)