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Home wireless broadband - coverage inside

Level 3


Thinking of switching to the 4g Home wireless package and off NBN.

What is the coverage like inside the house if the new modem is placed at one end of the house?

Do multiple plaster walls make a difference?

What is the ideal distance that the modem can cover i.e. from front to back of house?

Thx very much


Hi @Cathryn12


I've used your address from the account information that you provided to us previously. I am happy to inform you that it is eligible for 5G home broadband. The 5G Modem connects to nearby mobile towers to deliver internet to your home. It broadcasts a WiFi signal throughout your home so you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, laptop and other WiFi devices. It is also recommended to place the modem near a window to get a better signal. 


If you are ready to switch, we'll have our plan change officer to call you for assistance. Just PM your preferred callback number and time.