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How hard is it to get FTTB support??

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I represent a Strata Plan and we have problems with the TPG equipment that has been installed in our premises.  To be clear: our residents don't have problems with their accounts or their modems - we have problems with the equipment installed by TPG to supply FTTB service.


Anyone tried and been successful in actually getting anyone at TPG Support to record a problem of this nature and get them to send someone to service their hardware?


Any pointers on how to contact the 'correct' department of TPG to get non-account and non-customer support would be greatly appreciated!!

Community Manager

@FTTB_customer ,


TPG does not maintain the equipment inside the buildings, it is maintained by FTTB Wholesale

FTTB Wholesale is a functionally separated subsidiary of TPG Telecom.


You can make contact with them directly on

Hope this helps.