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How to Setup Dlink DSL-4320L for HFC/FTTC VDSL NBN

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Hi sharing is caring, this is to setup your Dlink DSL-4320L for HFC/FTTC VDSL NBN. No need to try using the setup wizard, doesn't work most of the time. Just follow steps below




Just hit on any browser (ex. Google Chrome)

if prompt for username or password put admin


Once you are on the main page Click Setting>Internet>IPv4

On WAN Access Type > Residential Gateway

If you selected Residential Gateway, sselect the Ethernet port that will connect to the WAN. (port where you connect the yellow cable from NBN black box)

Enable Tagging VLAN > Enabled

VLAN ID > 2 

Priority > 0


My internet connection is > PPPoE

username > TPG username to login to website

password > TPG password to login to website


Then press save and you are good to go.